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Our group of process servers in Argentina have the extensive methods and sound processes to deliver the process services in Argentina which includes both the official as well as unofficial services which consolidates as the major legal support services for the effective utilization of clients in the country. Our individualities is eminent in our works which urges the clients to use our effective process services for some of the vital reasons; Clients choose our process services in Argentina because of individuality and uniqueness in having:

We use developed methods to render our process services in the territory of Argentina to fulfill the unending demands of process services. These are categorized as for your convenience:

FORMAL SERVICE: There are countries in the world which are the signatories of great Hague Service Convention under which the documents are directly processed through Ministry of law or other responsible authorities. This is to note that the Argentina is one such country having accepted the discipline of Hague Convention and has become the Signatory country of Hague Convention. The documents served under this head take up our Formal Service or the methods recommended by the Country itself. The turnaround time for the completion of service is usually 3-5 months including the judgmental reviews.
INFORMAL SERVICE: Otherwise also, we conduct such services through informal ways of serving where our responsible process server can deliver the documents to the right person at the right place by ensuring that the documents goes in right hands. Our Informal services usually take up lesser time as compare to our Formal services. Here, our time frame can end up the work is just 7 - 10 Business days.


The prime aim of giving this service to facilitate the clients for having the process services on those defendants whose address and contact are not available which many create a condition of misplacement of documents ; we provide the skip tracing services under these conditions where address are not confirmed and not known.
Note: In most of the countries the documents served are accepted in English Languages; in case English language documents are not accepted then we provide the facilities to get the documents translated in the regional language of the country.
Our main process services are including:

Other specialized services which are required for proceedings in Court orders are:


The service of affidavit is a legal proof as a part of procedure for the completion of service which is usually delivered as the proof that the service has been completed by serving the documents to the right person at right place. In some countries, the court order provides the proof of service and our service is helpful in such cases, indeed this is the proof of our authentic services.
We are professional process servers available in all parts of Argentina including Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Tucuman, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Salta, San Juan, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Resistencia, Corrientes, Neuquén and Posadas. For further Information on process service, kindly contact us on [email protected].

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