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Personal Service of Process

We are proud to announce that we provide personal process services acroos the globe. These processes are necessary for many reasons. The foremost being to ensure that the law is put forth in any of the cases that have gone to trial. To ensure if the other country recognizes the method of process service. For instance, if the papers are not served in a proper manner/process, the court would hold the right to not accept the service. Therefore, it is very much essential to know and pertain to the laws of one’s country before proceeding to serve personal process service.

This is the reason why there is a high demand for process servers, as they ensure a hassle-free documentation and organization process. The client can just to pay the price accordingly and rest of the process is already taken care of by our personal process servers.

As we have already mentioned that our network of process servers is spread all over the world which enables us to serve the documents in an efficient & effective manner. Further, our knowledge about local places and language gives us an edge over our competitors.

The mode of personal process service through a personal process server is the best mode of serving the legal documents under some circumstances. It is particularly useful when you do not intend to enforce a judgment. This mode of process service is much quicker and effective as compared to process service under Hague Convention. We will serve the documents upon the respondent who is presently living or based in particular location and thereafter prepare and send to you an Affidavit of Service. The affidavit will mention all the facts/details about the services which are globally accepted by the International Courts. Our personal process servers serve the documents upon the individuals and business entities as well. You may contact our process servers anytime for the service of summons, subpoena, divorce papers, petition, writs legal documents etc.

Although, we try to serve the documents in the very first attempt itself, we may have to make further attempts for various reasons. Our process serving agent usually visits the address at the time when the respondent is likely to be present there. After explaining the contents of the documents, the same are delivered to the respondent. In case the respondent refuses to accept the documents, the documents are left on the ground in front of him after stating what they are. This concludes as a valid service of documents. There may be a situation where it is not possible to hand over the documents personally to the respondent. In such cases, we discuss the possibilities with our clients and if they agree the documents are served upon a person of competent age who lives at the same address. The details of the receiver and his/her relationship with the respondent will be obtained and mentioned on the affidavit of service accordingly.

Our private process servers are used in a wide variety of tasks such as serving court trials, filing law papers, filing papers related to the functioning of a case or proceeding, etc.

A reliable and trustworthy process serving company is the people’s key to get their work done quickly, legally and without any hassle. Please email us at to know more about our process services.

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