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International Skip Tracing Services

Our firm is functioning in a manner to deliver faster skip trace and litigation support to clients in need through speedy services. Currently, we are handling entire process service needs of a many reputed corporate houses, local & international businesses, solicitors/proprietors and individuals based across the world. Our Indian Skip Tracers and process servers are well specialized in serving majority of legal documents such as a legal notice, summons, complaint, Writ & Petition, Divorce paper, Corporate Litigation Papers, Corporate/Business papers and other judicial document at reasonable rates.

India Skip tracing is an intense process of finding a fugitive who is not present at the place of his/her residence from a long period of time. The “skip” represents the fugitive/person on the run who is trying not to be found and “tracing” is the art of locating and knowing the whereabouts of that fugitive. The process is mostly followed and used by professionals such as process serving agencies, bounty hunters, debt collectors, news journalists and even prosecutors. The professionals of skip tracing are called skip tracers and they work as individuals and as a part of a firm or agency as well. Many of them work as freelancers too, offering their services to its respected clients.

Skip tracing in India involves collection and resurfacing of the data about the person in question. Information about the fugitive can be recovered by the India skip tracing agent or by the help of law agencies in India. This completely depends on the services offered by the skip tracer in India. Our professional India Skip Tracers are well equipped with connections and resources across India and we have a great track record of positive searches. In most cases though, it is up to the skip tracer in India to obtain all important information about the target. The data collection division involves processes such as searching the individual’s telephone directory/call history, credit card history, utility bills, travel history, jobs applications, etc.

Once the skip tracing part is completed by our extreme tracers in India, our process server’s role come into play who will be serving the documents. Our highly skilled process servers will serve the documents personally to the respondents no matter the difficulties*. We therefore prevent suitors from undergoing huge losses. Our team of process servers is not only specialized for conducting Formal but informal service in best possible manner as well.

Our Indian skip tracing team involved with the Process serving agency deals with them in an incognito and secretive manner so as to not reveal any private information related to the clients. Thus, the market in India also has similar services like these that are used by different types of companies- from debt collectors, banks to even families looking for their loved ones. Our process serving agency in India also has business ventures and collaborations with various other big associations such as the World Association of Detectives and the National Association of Professional Process Servers.

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