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International Process Service

The term “process service” refers to serving legal document to the defendant for showing up their presence in the legal proceedings of the court. Under this service, the server plays a vital role of tracing the current location of the respondent and attempts the service of process. It’s a formal legal notice delivered to a specific business entity or a person commanding them to be part of the hearing scheduled on the behalf of the judiciary.

The process service or the service of process can only be referred to be complete when the investigator is able to deliver the assigned document or the subpoena in the hand of the right person and in return receives an affidavit signed by the concerned personnel. A signed affidavit by both the parties refers to the completion of the service. Henceforth, the following affidavit is notarized and submitted to the client.

We invite you to, an online venture of GREVESGROUP®. With the support of partners and associates in more than 125 countries and combined years of experience we are able to serve the legal documents anywhere all around the world.

Our specialization stands in serving all kinds of judicial and non-judicial papers or documents. Our client base includes large and small corporations, local & international businesses, solicitors / proprietors, private individuals who like to get their papers served worldwide. From County Court, Magistrates Court, Supreme Court, Family Law Court, Federal Court or for private and professional matters, our company is trained to conduct each and every case effectively.

Our extensive range of service for process include:

  • Serving Subpoena /petitions / summons / complaints / writs
  • Bankruptcy or winding up petitions
  • Litigation, Issuing and filling at the court
  • Serving other judicial and extra judicial paper in civil and Business matter
  • All Insolvency Act related documents
  • Orders to Attend Court for Questioning
  • Injunction / Freezing Orders
  • Suspended Committal Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Notice Seeking Possession & Possession Order
  • Personal Process Service
  • Serving Child support custody
  • Serving Divorce Papers
  • Serving Family, Marriage, kid related documents

Our company also offer the formal service, where the subpoena or the court orders are served through the process known as “Hague Convention”. The India prides of being one of the signatories to Hague convention, under which the operation of serving the document is done under jurisdiction. Such process comes into existence, when the defendant is residing outside the reach of jurisdiction or in other words it can be framed as a “state signed a treaty”.

We have the best team of process servers who are well known for conducting the process service with high level of integrity and efficiency. The main aim of our risk investigators is to maintain the level of accuracy and strict timeline while executing the service. The Hague convention process is much lengthier compared to informal service, but our experts with latest resources are easily able to trace the exact location of the defendant and conduct the service.

Our company is well known for conducting process service effectively, quickly and affordably. Our professional team focus on clients and frame the strategy of conducting the process in the most effective way. We are equipped with recent databases and resources which helps us in tracing the defendant accurately.

Our employed licensed process servers are aware of all domestic as well as federal laws, which make this service to be served legally. They ensure that the process service is conducted successfully and is delivered at the right address and in the hands of the right person.

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