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Serving International Legal Documents

Do you need to serve divorce papers, child custody or any legal paper to any part of the world? assists you with any of your legal document serving; we are an online venture of Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC, Dubai, UAE. We operate across variety of industry sectors including corporations, local & international businesses, solicitors / proprietors, private individuals and to serve their processed documents for or from County Court, Magistrates Court, Supreme Court, and Family Law Court, Federal Court for private and professional matters. With vast global presence of partners and associates in more than 125 countries, we are able to conduct process service nationwide and abroad effectively.

Our company is specialised for over a decade and are well known among the clients for providing expeditious and professional kind of process service. We are furnished with best process servers who strive to support and fulfil all the process serving needs. With their immense knowledge and years of expertise, they are able to produce best results in every case they undertake. We pride in having a reputation of being one among the leading process servers. The array of documents served under our company are as follows:

Writs: Any legal document issued directly by the court is referred to as “Writs”. The reason behind issuing this legal document is when the court decides to confront or summons the defendant for a specific reason.

Subpoena: Under subpoena, the defendant is served with a written document for appearing in the court. In the matter of issuing subpoena, the respondent is given a chance to defend himself/herself in the case.

Complaint: This legal document is basically issued in case of any breach of an agreement. A complaint is also delivered in written form and is claimed if any undesirable clause are put forth by the specific party.

Summon: Under this following category, our team of process server are well trained to deliver legal related documents such as Citation, Civil and, Administrative summons.

Every service of process conducted by us are done with a clear vision and are strived hard to achieve the positive results quickly and affordably. The array of legal documents served by us include:

  • Serving Subpoena / petitions / summons / complaints / writs
  • Bankruptcy or winding up petitions
  • Litigation, Issuing and filling at the court
  • Serving other judicial and extra judicial paper in civil and Business matter
  • All Insolvency Act related documents
  • Orders to Attend Court for Questioning
  • Injunction / Freezing Orders
  • Suspended Committal Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Notice Seeking Possession & Possession Order
  • Personal Process Service
  • Serving Child support custody
  • Serving Divorce Papers
  • Serving Family, Marriage, kid related documents

We are assessed with latest hi-tech methodologies which allow our process servers to detect the right person residing anywhere across the globe. Their cutting edge techniques has always been reliable and provided positive results. Their skills understand each and every requirement of the clients and construct their plan of action to serve the documents accordingly.

A notarized affidavit is provided to the client as a proof of service was conducted successfully. This proof can be termed as an "evidence" or "sworn of testimony" provided by the process servers. Such a proof is required when respondent denies of being notified in regard to the legal proceedings. The affidavit includes complete details such as time, date, manner of the service conducted, list of the papers to be served etc.

To serve any kind of legal documents in nation and across globally or to hire our competent team of process servers, kindly email us at [email protected].