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International Subpoena Services

The word “Subpoena” means an order issued for showing up the respondent presence in the court. Such a written order is issued by either by the government or directly by the court. The defendant is said to be condemned and becomes liable to be put to jail, if the considered documents or the person himself is not ready to show up in the court. The court is liable to take any action against such an act when the court-ordered command is not taken seriously or is refused by the respondent.

Welcome to, an online venture of GREVESGROUP® providing wide range of services across the globe. With huge network of partners and associate in more than 125 countries, we are able to provide the best process service worldwide. We are one of the well-known process serving squad with a high quality experience of more than a decade. Our every global partner present in each part of the world is highly qualified and is able to conduct process service effectively. We notify and deliver the legal documents to respondent and assure their presence at the time of proceedings in the court.

Our company is one stop solution for clients who are unable to serve the subpoena to the absconded respondent. We provide extensive range of subpoena service of process to clients based local, station wide and nationwide.

Our wide range of Subpoena service includes:

  • Processing Out-of-State Subpoenas
  • Witness Fee Calculation
  • Advancing Witness Fee
  • So-Order Subpoenas
  • Personalized "Real-Time" Email Status Updates

With vast global network and high contacts, we are able to conduct comprehensive searches on any person or business. Our process servers are aware of all modern databases and public sources, which allows them to detect missing address of the people or business to whom subpoena process service is to be conducted. Based on substantial series of skip tracing service, our tracing experts are able to find the location which are probably difficult to detect. With immense knowledge and proprietary technology, we are able to easily expose the address and conduct the service.

Our team is so efficient are very efficient towards their task. They are trained to conduct sophisticated and complicated matters with highest level of dedication and integrity. Our team strive hard to achieve results above any expectations. They understand every need of the client and course their plan of action accordingly. They assure that every client is satisfied to the fullest. The service that we render is thorough visible to the clients. We make sure that our clients are aware and updated about our entire process.

The subpoena process service also includes submission of an affidavit to client after the completion of the task. Such a statement is issued as the proof to assure that the service of conducted by making consistent physical visits to the clients place. Such proof includes the deep search and signatures of the respondent which ensures that the service of process is completed effectively and efficiently.

We are well known for providing effective services to our clients with our quick and compliant subpoena service both nationwide and abroad. We stand out to the expectations of our clients by delivering across all the jurisdictions.

We are always by your side by delivering the finest range of subpoena process service anywhere and anytime. By selecting us, you receive fully professional and transparent service of process.

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