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A network of process servers in Caribbean countries is fully dedicated in its operations to offer quality process services in Costa Rica including official and unofficial processes as the part of our litigation support services. We are proud of our experts that are fully involved in a manner to support the people by serving valuable process services. Today, we provide ample of reasons to the people to hire our process servers in Costa Rica:

We have created advanced methods to offer the process services in different parts of Costa Rica to fulfill entire process services requirements. These are our methods are mentioned below for your convenience:

FORMAL SERVICE: There are numerous signatory countries around the world which have signed Hague Service Convention. This has come one of the safest method of process service widely used by the people for serving legal documents which needs to be processed by the Ministry of law or other responsible authorities. But unfortunately Costa Rica is one such country which has not accepted the discipline of Hague Convention and is not its Signatory country. So, there is less possibility of conducting a process service by going through this convention.
INFORMAL SERVICE: This is the general of serving legal documents in Costa Rica where we offer great opportunities to have our informal ways of process services. Our process servers do take entire responsibility to serve legal documents to a right respondent. Such services do normally take less time as compare to Formal services and turnaround time can go up to 7-10 Business days.


This is another expertise of our process servers where we are assisting all those clients that are not having right address of respondent and it may lead to misplacement of documents. To avoid such situation, we offer skip tracing services to handle the situation of non-availability of right address of a respondent who is to be served with a legal document.
Note: Many countries require legal documents to be served in the English Languages. But, some countries don’t accept legal documents in English language as they require legal document in the local language of Respondent. To attend such tasks, we render best translation services at genuine rates.
A list of our prime process services is mentioned below:

Some of our specialized services which are needed to initiate a Court order are:


The service of affidavit is also a part of process service procedure which concludes with the provision of a duly signed notarized affidavit served after the completion of a process. Our professional process servers in Costa Rica are offering quality services in major cities including San Jose, Limon, San Francisco, Alajuela, Liberia, Paraiso, Desamparados, Puntarenas, Curridabat, Vicente, Purral, Turrialba, SanMiguel, SanPedro, SanRafael, Abajo. For any kind of Information on process service, kindly contact us on [email protected].

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