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Process Servers in USA

Our international network of includes the best of USA process servers who has been offering a rapid and reliable international process service in USA. Our network of process servers in region is dedicatedly offering all kind of process server services in USA, including both the official and unofficial services as the part of legal support services. As, we serve papers on behalf of our clients worldwide. In USA, we offer the same day rush process service as well, multiple attempts service and skip trace service altered as per client’s requirements. We also provide notarized affidavits of service which acts as a valid proof of service to the respondent.

We are proud of our professional and hardworking team which makes the clients to use our trustworthy process services as and when required. There are adequate reasons to choose our process services in USA such as:

  • Strong network of our resourceful process servers to get your documents delivered at right place and in stipulated time.
  • We hand deliver all kinds of legal documents even if the address is not the latest one and can also perform skip trace services and verification services if required.
  • Our process servers in USA are well trained and completely familiar with all the locations according to their locale respectively to avoid any kind delay and interruption in the process in a professional manner.
  • We furnish notarized Affidavits and the statements are drafted internally by our legally-trained process servers, or else we happily accept the client’s desired language/draft.

We use advanced methods to offer the process services in different parts of USA to meet the specific demands of clients and their requirements. In USA, we only offer Informal method of service which is called personal process service method.

INFORMAL SERVICE: Our process servers are well trained and experienced to conduct the services via informal method. This is completely the responsibility of our own process server to deliver the documents on right place and in right hands. The Informal service usually takes less time and are cost effective when compared to other court procedures/Formal method of service and the time frame can be 7-10 Business days.

USA process servers are recognized as the largest network/group of national process servers and legal service providers. Covering almost all locations in USA including nearby countries as well, the services we provide are quick and cost effective. Process Servers in USA is a comprehensive service resource for anyone who is seeking to serve legal document process on the respondent or even a corporate entity.

We completely understand that failing to get important court documents served to a defendant can get your case delayed and in worst case scenario the case can be thrown out of the court. Being the best in business, our USA process serving agents are well versed with local procedures, we make sure the documents are served as instructed and as per local policies.

USA service of process is renowned for their best in class and effective process server services in USA. We ensure a high rate of successful delivery, backed by class leading and efficient skip tracing services in USA for hard to find defendants.

We also additional process serving services as per clients requirements; feel free to enquire if you may need any of the below:

  • Serving Commercial Papers
  • Serving Corporate Litigation Papers
  • Serving Subpoena/Complaints/Petitions
  • Serving Divorce Papers
  • Serving Papers related to Child Custody
  • Serving all types of Judicial and Extra Judicial documents related to civil and commercial matters
  • Litigation, Issuing and filling at the court
  • All Insolvency Act related documents
  • Orders to Attend Court for Questioning
  • Injunction Orders /Suspended Committal Orders
  • Notice Seeking Possession & Possession Order
  • Freezing Order

International service of process in USA

International service of process in USA is a crucial aspect of international litigation that requires a thorough understanding of both USA and international law. This process involves delivering legal documents to a party in USA in a way that complies with the laws of the USA. It's a procedure that ensures all parties involved in a lawsuit are properly notified of their involvement and have an opportunity to present their case.

When serving documents in USA, it's important to note that the documents must be in English or translated into local language. This ensures that the recipient fully understands the nature and content of the documents. This process involves the physical delivery of legal documents, such as summons, complaints, divorce papers, or subpoenas, directly to the individual or entity involved in the lawsuit. The documents must be handed directly to the recipient, or if the recipient refuses to accept them, they can be left at the recipient's residence or place of business.

It is highly recommended to engage the services of a professional process server who specializes in international service of process. Our process server has the knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of international process service and ensure that your documents are served correctly and efficiently.

In conclusion, Personal Service of Process in USA is a critical step in the legal process. By understanding its requirements and engaging the services of a process server, you can ensure that your legal documents are served correctly, paving the way for a fair and just legal proceeding.

Affidavit of Service

The affidavit of service is provided at the final stage once the service is completed. The affidavit of service acts as a proof that the service has been conducted at right place and was delivered in the right hands. In some countries, the court orders to provide the proof of serving and our service is helpful in such cases, indeed this is the proof of our authentic services.

We are professional process servers in USA including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, American Samoa, District of Colombia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands etc. For any kind of Information on professional service of processes in USA, kindly contact us on [email protected].

What we will required to serve your documents:
  • If sending via email: a PDF version of the documents.
  • If sending via Courier, mail, or similar: 1 copy (send it to our office Address) of the documents to be served.
    (Note: Original documents are not required for above mentioned methods.)
  • According to Hague convention, all the countries who have signed this convention, can take up overseas process service in different signatories states without using diplomatic or consular channel for sending judicial or extrajudicial documents on civil or commercial matters and process servers department of GVS always offers the benefit the power to all clients by providing personal process services under Hague convention. Please contact us on [email protected] if you need to process your documents under Hague convention.
  • A letter of instructions & guidelines for advising us the defendant's name and photograph(for divorce cases, if possible), service address and requested method of service.
  • If you are not sure about the address, we provide the skip tracing services of the addresses and defendants. This will entail additionally fee.

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